This is how many Irish women prefer tampons to pads 2 years ago

This is how many Irish women prefer tampons to pads

Is there anything that gals love talking about more than their periods?


After all, we're all in this together.

We all have a tragically embarrassing story and we all own something that's been permanently stained with our blood.

Everyone's been in need of a sneaky tampon at some stage and everyone has checked their friend's arse to see if she's leaked.

It's with that in mind that we decided to ask you, our readers, about your period experiences.

You answered in your thousands over on Instagram and we found out a LOT.

Just 25 per cent of your said your workplace was period-friendly, 59 per cent of you get bad cramps and exactly half of you prefer tampons to pads.


Check out the rest of the results below.


Do you dread getting your period?

Yes - 67%

No - 33%



Pads or tampons? 

Pads - 50%

Tampons - 50%



Could you chat with male friends about your period?

Yes - 42%

No - 58%



Have you tried using a Mooncup?

Yes - 4%

No - 96%


Is your workplace catered to being #OnTheRag?

Yes - 25%

No - 75%


Is your doctor helpful when it comes to period-related stuff?

Yes - 45%

No - 55%


Do you talk to your mates about your period?

Yes - 87%

No - 13%


Do you experience bad cramping?

Yes - 59%

No - 41%


Did you know what was happening when you got your first period?

Yes - 61%

No - 39%



For the month of February, Her will be #OnTheRag. 

We'll be chatting all things periods, products and pain as we delve deep inside the uterus to figure out why we bleed and - more importantly - how we cope.

We'll also be talking to the experts about some of the period related conditions you have heard of - and all of the ones that you haven't. 

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