This is the scientific hack that will make your commute seem much quicker 3 years ago

This is the scientific hack that will make your commute seem much quicker

It requires no effort!

Heading to work or college in the morning can be a nightmare, being stuck in traffic on a packed bus can make it seem like you are never going to get there. Whether you're only on it for 20 minutes or you need three buses to get there, it can feel like a lifetime on a bad day, and you never hear anyone say 'that bus trip flew by'.


Some people opt for music on public transport, will others read a book, but scientists have done research to see what the best way to spend your time commuting is, that'll make it go quicker.

They found that listening to podcasts actually trumps reading and listening to music, when it comes to passing the time.

Using an MRI scanner to track brain activity researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, were able to map the brain as people listened to a podcast.

They discovered that absorbing a story requires a lot of activity across your brain, because each word in the podcast brings on a different thought or memory, filling your journey with a busy mind.


Although reading has a similar effect, it does require a bit more concentration which can be difficult when you're on a bus with no elbow room, as well as that, many people feel sick when reading a book while travelling. Music can help pass the time, but listening to your favourite songs won't capture your attention like a good podcast and won't occupy your mind in the same way.

So next time you're dreading a long commute, stick on a good story.

The podcast used in the study is called The Moth and these are eight podcasts we'd recommend.

Happy listening!