Feel the burn...no more! 7 easy ways to prevent the dreaded UTI 4 years ago

Feel the burn...no more! 7 easy ways to prevent the dreaded UTI

If you’re a women, you’ll more than likely have the unpleasant experience of an UTI at least once in your lifetime.

Yes, UTIs are incredibly common, so why are we not talking about them more often?


And more importantly, why are we not aware of what we can do to prevent them?

Well, at the risk of serious TMI, we’re here to arm you with the information and tips you need to help keep your lady bits healthy.


1. When you gotta go…


Go! In your efforts to not break the seal, you actually help give the bacteria in your urinary tract a chance to grow. It’s so not worth it.


2. Vitamin C

Is there anything this stuff isn’t good for? Vitamin C makes your pee more acidic which helps kill off any nasty bacteria lurking.



3. Front to back

We know, you probably know this one – but it’s worth repeating. Wiping back to front can introduce some seriously gross bacteria into your urethra, and is one of the main causes of UTI.



4. Classic cranberry

Yep, an oldie but a goodie. Elements of cranberry juice help to prevent certain types of bacteria from sticking around where they’re not wanted, helping to flush the system.



5. Don’t be a douche

It might sound contradictory, but those feminine hygiene products can actually do more harm than good. Your body naturally produces a protective bacteria and by washing that away, you actually put yourself at risk.


6. Toilet break

Sex is a common cause of UTIs. But by making sure to go to the toilet after intercourse, you can massively reduce your chances of developing a UTI.


7. Stay hydrated

More water means more toilet breaks, means your body is regular flushing out any bacteria building up – simple.


8. Celibacy

And if all else fails, could be worth giving this a try.