Fancy quitting your job? 6 tips on how to pack it all in and become Instafamous 6 years ago

Fancy quitting your job? 6 tips on how to pack it all in and become Instafamous

This woman will give you some serious inspiration.

Siobhan O'Hagan is a sight to behold on Instagram, she's bronzed, statuesque, beautiful and FIT (slowly puts down the banana bread... we know it's not bread it's cake with a healthy word in it).


At a passing glance, you would imagine she's been in the gym forever, the reality is slightly different. In fact, just two years ago she was working in finance at a 9-5 job that gave her security but not much else.


Siobhan has a Bachelor of Science in financial and actuarial mathematics (yowsa!) and she was doing well, in a high-paid job that left her plenty of time to eat, drink and be merry... under it all, she was miserable.

We sat down with Siobhan to find out more about her journey and what pushed her to change her life, she said the most important thing was to "stop chasing money and start chasing happiness".

She explained: "I remember being asked what I wanted to do by a woman in HR, the first thing I thought of was staying in the gym all day". So that's what she did.


What she's achieved in the last few years is pretty impressive: "I knew I had to be my own advertisement, I had left the security of my job, so I just put the head down and trained, not really knowing what was ahead".

It turns out, hard work pays off.


Siobhan's Instagram is hugely successful with more than 90K followers, she's a top social media influencer, and she's just launched her own 'Fitness Factory'.

After chatting with Siobhan we compiled a list of six things to help you get out of that career rut, start doing what you love and basically become a bad a** boss woman.

  1. Identify what it is that will make you happy - This doesn't have to be THE BIG decision of changing your career straight away, it can be as simple as knowing that change is an option.
  2. Avoid social norms - Get a job, buy a car, settle down, get married, have a baby.  Yes, it's nice to tick the boxes, but who are you really competing with? Society or yourself? Take a step back and think, do you really want these things? Or is it expected?
  3. Have confidence in yourself - This is the biggest barrier facing people trying to make a change, that inherent disbelief could be holding you back from reaching your full potential. Take it slow, do something once a week that's outside your comfort zone, you'll be shocked at how much this will help.
  4. Identify a mentor - Ask for help, if you know someone working in your desired industry learn from them, you can't beat a good mentor to steer you in the right direction.
  5. Do you need to retrain? - There's the age old saying, it's easier to get a job when you have a job, and it does carry some weight. Please don't read this article run out quit your job and not make rent this month, look at the possibilities of night courses in your area, there's always something more we could be doing to better ourselves.
  6. Stop caring what people think - If you worry about what people think you'll never reach your potential, and realistically, people aren't worried about you, as all of our mothers would say "get over yourself".