WATCH: Honest ad about breastfeeding struggles airs during Golden Globes 1 year ago

WATCH: Honest ad about breastfeeding struggles airs during Golden Globes

A powerful message.

Whenever major American award ceremonies or sporting events come around you can always be sure of some impactful advertising.


One advert in particular that stood out to many during last night's Golden Globes by a postpartum company called Frida Mom and as a mother who breastfed I can see why.

The commercial that played during a break in the annual awards ceremony demonstrated the ups and downs most mothers face when it comes to breastfeeding.

Whether it's cracked nipples, not being able to produce enough milk, leaking through your top or having to resort to cabbage leaves to relieve the pain of engorgement.


Posting on their YouTube account Frida Mom wrote;

"Whether starting or stopping, breastfeeding is an emotional and physical journey full of highs and lows that many new moms are unprepared for.

We're lifting the veil on the challenges new moms (and their breasts) face as they DIY their way through lactation woes - from massaging out clogged ducts with an electric toothbrush to slowing the flow with cabbage leaves.

Enough is enough. It’s time to care for your breasts, not just your baby - with Frida Mom."

I personally found the advert very relatable with my own breastfeeding journey.


When the mother knocked over her breastmilk I almost yelped because there's actually nothing worse when you've just spent ages pumping.

That's an instance when it is very much ok to cry over spilled milk.

I really wish there had been more representations of breastfeeding like this before I started breastfeeding because when I started out I felt like a failure.

I felt like a bad mother because breastfeeding didn't naturally come to me, I really had to work at it.


Little did I know at the time that most mothers were in exactly the same boat and I think ads like this one are a great way of getting the message across to other mums struggling at first with breastfeeding - you are not alone.