3 artistic Irish made yoga mats perfect for the budding yogi 1 year ago

3 artistic Irish made yoga mats perfect for the budding yogi

Gotten into yoga recently?

You're not the only one. Since last year the online yoga community has blown up, as a whole new host of people take it upon themselves to find their centre, work on their core, and of course, breathe.


Any budding yogi will know that in order to maximise your practise, you're going to need a decent mat. And what better mat to buy than one supporting Irish businesses and artists, while also looking fairly stunning on your floor?

Lucky for you, we've put together three Irish brands featuring yoga mats for a range of prices, suitable for any yogi looking to achieve a more balanced lifestyle in 2021 - inside and out.

1. HOLDEReight (€89.00)

Irish born yoga brand HOLDEReight have got balance at the centre of their ethos - and when you're a new yogi looking for some stability, that's pretty much all you should need.


Their gorgeous yoga mats are made from natural rubber with a microfibre towelling technology top layer ensuring grip and cushioning to allow for a natural flow. Their hand-drawn designs range from night skies to space to stunning patterns of birds in flight.

You can find out more here. 

2. Flowstate (€145)


A little more on the pricier side here but undoubtedly worth every penny. If yoga is your jam and you're in the market for a new, heavy duty, and entirely funky mat, you may want to check out the Flowstate shop.

A bespoke lifestyle brand, the Flowstate team want exercise, yoga, and meditation to become an everyday part of our lives, not just an element of them. Their expressive mats are there to work out on, but they can also be hung and displayed after practice allowing artwork and movement to be present in everyday life.

You can check out their range of mats here. 


3. McSport / Fitness Mad (22.95)

Can't afford to splash out on a stunning mat right now? No problem. Luckily, feeding your inner yogi doesn't need to be a needlessly expensive venture if you don't want it to be.

Fitness Mad's Warrior Plus yoga mat is currently for sale on McSport, and for less than 23 quid you're getting a serious deal when it comes to a sturdy mat and a pretty pattern. This mat comes in two colours, sky blue and fire orange, so no matter your vibe, you can nab yourself a trusty mat.

You can find out more here. 


Feature image via HOLDEReight.