10 completely irrational thoughts we all have when we get a cold 4 years ago

10 completely irrational thoughts we all have when we get a cold

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Oh, the dreaded winter cold.


No matter how hard we try to avoid it every year, it seems like we are reduced to sniffling blubbering messes at one stage or another during the colder months.

During that time, we can all be guilty of thinking some pretty crazy thoughts. Here are the top 10 irrational thoughts we all have when we get a cold.

Is that a sniffle I feel coming on?

No way, it can't be. I'm as healthy as a trout.


I can fight this off with sheer determination

And a hell of a lot of orange juice. As soon as you feel the cold coming on you start to go on the defensive. Whether or not it will work is a different story entirely.

Why now? Why me?

Why? No seriously! The next morning you wake up with the world's worst cold and are left completely mystified. You take all the vitamins, you eat well and you look after yourself. This shouldn't be happening to you, you're a good person.


I can barely remember when I was healthy

You really can't remember what is was like before you spent your entire day shivering, sneezing, and coughing. You must have had so much time on your hands.

Who has inflicted this hell on me?


Who gave me this godforsaken cold? Was it Susan from the office? She did sneeze beside me in that meeting last week. I must have caught her germs. Silly inconsiderate Susan.

When I get better I'm going to make the most of it

You start to bargain with yourself that when you're on the mend you're going to join the gym, book that holiday abroad, finally sort out that messy kitchen cupboard and even maybe learn French. Yes, when you're healthy you'll be a new woman.

Maybe if I just Google my symptoms...


Bad idea lady. Whatever you do, do not Google your symptoms. It's a recipe for disaster, trust us.

I thought sick days were supposed to be fun?

They are, but not when you're actually sick. After a while, Jeremy Kyle re-runs and flat 7-up start to get really boring.

No one understands what I'm going through

You start to think that you're the only person in the whole entire world who has ever battled a cold this bad. You're also just slightly miffed when your friends suggest you can still do things like go out. I mean...you're practically dying.

This is the bitter end

You can't imagine life beyond this cold, it's time to accept your inevitable fate. You're going to feel unwell for the foreseeable future. You've just accepted it.


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