The 10 handbag essentials checklist before you head away on holiday 4 years ago

The 10 handbag essentials checklist before you head away on holiday

Jetting off?

Lucky you, I am seriously jealous.


There is nothing better than that pre-travel hype, the buzz you feel by knowing that in the morning, you are not heading to work *hurrah* but instead, off to the airport to drink prosecco at a time when you'd usually be making a coffee and counting down the hours until lunch. Yep, it is sheer bliss.

But often the excitement takes over and we regretfully forget something which is essential for our handbags. Not ideal. So, to prevent that from happening and to make sure you touchdown smiling, I have compiled a list of 10 handbag essentials that I always carry with me everytime I travel.


Now since you need to either check your liquids in or put them in a clear bag with each product under 100ml, I have not included these in the handbag checklist simply because it is way too bulky to carry your liquid bag in your handbag and creating one at the security check is seriously not worth the stress.

So, my top tip is to keep your liquid bag either checked in or in the front pocket of your carry-on, where it is easy to access and pop in and out.

The 10 item checklist

1. Lipbalm


This one can stay in your bag as it's not a liquid and also keeps you chap-free all flight.

2. Passport

3. Pressed powder and brush

Keep patchy makeup at bay and your skin looking fresh with a little powder spruce when needed.


4. Phone, power bank and earphones

A necessity when travelling to a country you're not familiar with especially when you're in for a long flight.

5. Purse, card and cash

6. ID/ Driver Licence

Especially if renting a car or going clubbing.


7. Chewing gum

If your ears suffer from the change in cabin pressure when flying, chewing on a gum or sucking a sweet does help.

8. Travel documents/ Itinerary

A print out of your hotel booking, the address of where you are staying and any other documents and confirmations should be close at hand always.

9. Sunglasses

10. Hair tie and bandages


Have an incredible trip and BON VOYAGE.