10 Things… Her.ie Loved This Week 8 years ago

10 Things… Her.ie Loved This Week

Another Friday rolls around and we're taking a look back over the week that was. Our highlights this week include...



It's Easy Being Green

Mary was lost in a green haze this week in the aftermath of an exhilarating double Six Nations win and a thrilling win by the Irish Women’s Hockey team at UCD on Sunday. With a hoarse voice for most of the week, she’s been humming Ireland’s Call almost every day and has officially started the countdown on her calendar to the men's Rugby World Cup.

Niamh Briggs lifts the cup as the Irish players celebrate 22/3/2015

Booking In Some Down Time


After a busy working weekend, Liz decided to take her days off to delve into a new book. Being a bit of a history nerd, she was excited to get stuck into The Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz. She’s only half way through but there’s been laughs, tears and some shocking gasps too. If you’re looking for a book recommendation, this could be just what you need…

the man who broke into auschwitz

Birthday Girl

It was Cathy's birthday this week and her day, scrap that week, was made when this chocolate fudge creation appeared. It comes from Queen of Tarts and as Cathy prides herself on good cake recommendations, she won't shut up about this one.



What eShe Said

Michelle was treated to a stunning gift from the fab eShe range this week. The younger, funkier arm of the Newbridge Silverwear we know and love debuted in 2014, as the brainchild of  Maedbh Doyle, the 16-year-old daughter of Newbridge Silverware M.D. William Doyle. We like your style Maedbh! We'll have more of this collection on site in the coming week.

Screen shot 2015-03-26 at 14.02.27


Let Them Eat Cake

Rebecca had a very happy Monday when a number of Dr. Oetker goodies landed into the office. From chocolate hearts to writing gels, she plans to have a very creative weekend in the kitchen. (We have our fingers and toes crossed that she brings in the finished results!)

oetker stuff

Shoesday Blues

Marie does not consider herself a lucky person. School competitions, cross-country races, the National Lottery... you name it, she has failed at trying to win it. This week though, all her Christmases came at once and she won a pair of beautiful Christian Louboutins in a raffle at the Special K #LiveInColour event. She is the happiest girl in the world.



Time for Tea

The lovely ladies from Lyons dropped in this week and brightened up Mary’s morning with a steaming hot cuppa and some gorgeous chocolate treats. Her week was officially made when they stayed for a cuppa and a chat in the kitchen.


Stepping Out In Style

This week Liz fell head over heels for a pair of shoes that were made for a night on the tiles. She was browsing for a present when she walked into New Look and locked eyes with these contrast heels. Perfect with jeans or a dress, she just needs an excuse for a night out…

New Shoes

Cathy Loves Calvin

Calvin Harris is training hard for his second Emporio Armani campaign and shared a selfie snap with his Instagram fans earlier this week. Cathy's jaw dropped to the floor when she spotted it and she has pressed the refresh button a few times on this. Would you really blame her though...


Meeting Kim Cattrall

Rebecca was the envy of the office on Thursday when she got to meet the one and only Kim Cattrall. The Sex and the City star was in Dublin to promote her new series Sensitive Skin (which is REALLY good) and was apparently one of the nicest people ever (we knew she would be).