10 Things only tall girls can relate to 2 years ago

10 Things only tall girls can relate to

We're accepting of all shapes and sizes in the Her Towers but some of us literally tower over the rest. 


Heels are not an option

It’s hard enough looming over your friends without adding extra height. Plus the nice ones more often than not don’t come in your size.



The awkward photo kneel

Trying to fit your head and shoulders into a photo with your munchkin friends is only possible with the awkward photo knee bend. Nobody push us over please.


Jokes about the weather

“What’s the weather like up there?”

I can’t tell you much about the weather up here but I do question whether the lack of oxygen down there affects your brain.



Cold ankles

There is more chance you’ll find the Loch Ness monster before you find a pair of jeans that cover your ankles.


Constant reminders that you’re tall

As if you’d forget.



No leg room

Fret not, we’ll just fold ourselves up awkwardly here.


Needing to include your height in a tinder tagline

A warning is necessary to avoid all that awkward “is he small or is he far away?” panic.



Always being asked to take the selfie

Your long arms stretch the furthest.


Do you play basketball?

Do you play other sports in which being small is an advantage?



Your friends use you for shade

Like the epic palm tree that you are.