10 Things… That Qualify As Guilty Pleasures 5 years ago

10 Things… That Qualify As Guilty Pleasures

There are some things we love to do but inevitably end up feeling bad about.

Case in point may be the fact that we live for Saturday mornings because sleeping in till one- o’clock is acceptable or that when it comes to chocolate cake, one slice is never EVER enough.

Below are just a few of the things that make it on to our list of guilty pleasures.

Cheesy tunes

Whatever your music taste, there are some tunes that will always produce a smile (and cause you to throw a few dodgy dance moves of course). Favourites include the Five megamix, As Long as You Love Me from the Backstreet Boys and any Spice Girls song.


Reality TV

Made in Chelsea, The Only Way Is Essex, Big Brother, Celebrity Big Brother, The X Factor… there are multiple reality shows available and even though they might be completely ridiculous and off-the-wall silly, they provide entertainment all the same. MIC’s Spencer, sure you couldn’t make that up!


Bed (for the day)

This one pretty much speaks for itself. Staying in bed for the entire day to sleep/catch up on your favourite show/read is a luxury but if you relax for the day, you’re likely to feel the benefits afterwards.

Dreamy sleep nighty snoozy snooze.


Meal deals

Don’t judge us but we have been known to order a meal deal (for two, when alone) and eat every single morsel. This isn’t something to do every day but beating yourself up about an extra slice of pizza/cake/insert relevant food here isn’t cool. Life is far too short.


Shopping spree

Shopping can wreak havoc on your bank balance at the best of times, but splashing out a week before payday is a definite guilty pleasure. It might be dry pasta for the week but those new shoes are all yours…


Secret beauty behaviour

This applies to all manner of strange rituals from squeezing blackheads to waxing arm hair (yes this actually happens). As this is the type of guilty pleasure you might not want to share with the whole world, preening can be performed in the privacy of your own bathroom.


Dance like nobody’s watching

Turning up your favourite song as loud it will go and throwing a few (interesting) shapes. Hairbrush, standing in for a microphone, is optional. At the moment, we’re all about Shake It Off. You have to hand it to Taylor for this one…


Romantic comedies

One Her.ie staffer says The Notebook makes her cry every single time and two others have cited A Walk To Remember as a guilty pleasure. Maybe chick flicks aren’t your thing but there’s a lot to be said for curling up on the couch with a box of tissues and a chocolate supply.


Facebook stalking

No one will admit to this but we have it on very good authority that Facebook stalking is a real thing. You know your crush’s name, where he/she works and how many FB friends they have. Not like it matters that you’ve never had a real conversation YET. This is a work in progress…

big bang theory penny gif

Eating from the jar/drinking from a carton

That jar of Nutella has been staring at you all today and rather than waste more time making toast or a pancake or something else to spread it on, you just grab a spoon.

We're of the opinion that it tastes better that way. This also applies to drinking straight from the carton when really thirsty...shhhh.