Ten facts that will ease your quarter life crisis 7 years ago

Ten facts that will ease your quarter life crisis

The mid­twenties are tough. You’re not a student anymore, you’re not financially independent enough to be an adult and you’re not sprightly enough to change matters.

Two drinks equates to too-­hungover-­to-­function and it feels like your youth is slipping away but fret not, we’re here with some facts that will revive your lust for life and promote pride in the big 2­5...


1. You’re closer to 21 than you are to 30


At 25, a night on the tiles is tedious at the best of times - skirts are shorter, nights are colder and by god Netflix has just updated. Then, on the rare occasion you discard your bedtime, your soul is destroyed when you bump into a younger sibling/cousin/child-­you-­babysat. You feel old in the bar you once frequented mid­week. But rest assured, although €2 Tuesdays seems like a life­time ago, you’re still closer to the minimum age for Coppers than for Rain.

2. You could still pass for 17



Rachel McAdams was 25 when she played super­ wench Regina George in Mean Girls. While the failure to be cast in an iconic film is a cross we all must bare, the silver lining here is that (in the right lighting) passing for 17 is completely attainable.

3. Calvin Harris doesn’t have love for your juniors



Congratulations, you’re the last of the 80’s kids. Love For You is your jam. Don’t let anyone take that away.

4. You’ve been alive for all the Kids Choice Awards


Remember the good ol’ days of sliming Amanda Bynes and Josh Peck? They were gas. Luckily, you’ve been alive since the creation of Nickelodeon’s Teen Choice Awards in 1988 and undoubtedly haven’t missed one. Extra perk: you’ve seen more child stars publicly rise and fall than any other generation. That's some good schadenfreude.


5. You’ve almost made it through THAT year


We hate to be one to wake sleeping dogs but Britney was that age when she, well, you know. If she can make it through 25, so can you.

6. You’re pretty much older than the Internet



You’re grandchildren are gonna think you’re a dinosaur. That’s awesome. But most importantly, thanks to the expense of iPhones back in the day, you’ve been able to keep your awkward youth where it belongs - in your mind. It's unlikely that your experimental phase will pop up online. You got away with it. The younger generation,­ not so much.

7. You have 10 years before you can even consider running for President


It’s the rules that are preventing you from national leadership, not your own inaction. Sit back and relax, you’ve plenty of time. Watch The Good Wife for some campaign tips.

8. You could comfortably date a member of One Direction


Mathematically speaking, Harry Styles is probably attracted to you. The average age of his most prolific ex’s - Caroline Flack (35), Taylor Swift (24), Cara Delevingne (21) and Kendall Jenner (18) - is 24 and a half. Need we say more?

9. You’re still on track to success


It was on a train in 1990, at the tender age of 25, that JK Rowling first conceived the idea of Harry Potter. You may not land a seven-book deal but console yourself with the fact that you have not missed your window of opportunity.

10. The best is yet to come


And finally, at 25, you are officially the same age as Rachel Green in series one of Friends. Ergo, its okay if your CV is full of gaps or if you’re still indebted to the Bank of Mam and Dad. There’s ample time to have an iconic hair cut, learn to cook, build a career and of course find someone for whom you’d get off the plane.