12 bizarre moments from the Eurovision Song Contest that we can never forget 6 years ago

12 bizarre moments from the Eurovision Song Contest that we can never forget

The Eurovision Song Contest is truly, a gift from above.

Today is Eurovision Day people! The beast is back!


The dodgy songs, acts and outfits - there's so many factors why The Eurovision Song Contest is an absolute must-see.

At the borderline, it's simply a singing competition between European countries - but it's just so much more than that.

Sometimes it's absolute car crash TV and other times there's serious talent onstage - but regardless, it's absolute essential watching.


As part of sacred Eurovision Day, I've decided to compile some of the most bizarre Eurovision moments as an ode to my favourite time of year - when Twitter and Facebook are alight with snarky comments about the live performances.


1. These groovy grannies.


Buranovskiye Babushkithe Russian entry for the Eurovision 2012 featured five elderly women urging everyone to get up and dance.


2. This timeless TUNE.

Swedish pop sensation Loreen was a shoo-in to win the contest in 2012 with her BANGER of a song, Euphoria.


I still play this song religiously at parties, 4 years on.

*blesses self*

3. This horrifying band.

LEIPZIG, GERMANY - AUGUST 25: The monster rock band Lordi perform at the Globe 39 night of music August 25, 2006 at the Messehalle in Leipzig, Germany. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)Finnish rock band Lordi scared the absolute bejaysus out of me when they entered the Eurovision in 2006 with their screamo song Hard Rock Hallelujah.

I remember watching the performance through my hands but clearly, others enjoyed it as the scary troupe WON the contest.


10 years on and I am still disgusted.

4. The time Dustin the Turkey... was on a stage... representing our country.

Yes, who could forget the time a smartarse turkey puppet represented our country at an international event?

Irlande Douze Pointe did not take home the gold at the Eurovision in 2008, but at least it was kind of... a good song?


Alexander Rybak, Eurovision entry for Norway 2009 went on to win the contest thanks to his singing of Fairytale and fiddling ability.

It helps that he looked like a young Justin Bieber which made 16 year old me SWOON all over the gaff.

6. This INCREDIBLE outfit.

Verka Seduchka was the Ukranian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 and performance was like something directly imported from a Lady Gaga music video.

Absolutely KILLER peformance.

7. The international takeover that was... Jedward.

2011 saw the entry of Dublin twins John and Edward combine to bring a high energy Jedward performance of Lipstick to the stage in Dusseldorf.

8. The sensational singing abilities of Katie Price.


9. This French guy gave us a surprising workout bop.

Allez Ola Olé spawned a questionable amount of dodgy dance moves from everyone.

*tries to twerk*

10. This UNREAL song.

Lena, winner of the 2010 Eurovision contest gave us a serious groove of a song.

Plus her chilled outfit and easygoing attitude ensured she was the COOLEST winner to ever exist.

11. This QUEEN to trump all queens.

Austrian Eurovision entry and drag queen Conchita Wurst stumped us all when she sang on stage in a beautiful dress, flawless makeup, glossy hair and... a beard.

The global media went into a FRENZY because of her appearance and since winning the Eurovision contest in 2014, the Austrian pop star has only blossomed.


12. This... just downright weird performance.

The Polish Eurovision entry in 2014 featured dancers wearing milkmaid-esque outfits with their boobs out, washing clothes and licking their lips in the camera lens.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it was a little strange.

The Eurovision semi-finals start tonight at 8pm on RTÉ 2 and I am SWEATIN' for more ridiculousness.