11 interior trends sure to spark some major home refurbishing envy 4 years ago

11 interior trends sure to spark some major home refurbishing envy

Brought to you by Johnstone’s paint.

So most of us are probably renting, or perhaps it’s the fact we don’t have a bottomless pit of cash to indulge in that has us pondering over what could be!


However, having a luxury, clean, on trend and lavish home interior doesn’t mean you must purchase everything brand-new! Oh no.

Getting creative with colour, paints, rearranging various furnishings and the direction they face, and even where you decide to pop a lampshade, makes an almighty difference to any humble abode.

You can update old furniture with a slather of paint - even the cupboards or tiles! Johnstone’s Paint offers us this with such ease… it’s a miracle! The new Revive range includes tile paint, metallic paint, chalky furniture paint and cupboard paint.


The Johnstone’s new Revive range means we can upcycle whatever we fancy and make for an entirely new look! To help us all out, they’re also giving 33 percent off their Revive range at Woodie’s until December 23!

So, have yourself not only a Merry Christmas with your discounted upcycling home paints and tools, but also, some super inspiration for home looks we found on Instagram! It won’t be long before you’re determined to grab those paint brushes and get crackin’! Don't forget to bang out the tunes and have fun while you're at it too!



Have you got chipped wooden cupboard in the kitchen? Old and grotty and in need of a new lease of life? Well it's nothing a little bit of sandpaper and Revive paint won't take care of. Such beautiful colours too!



If you have kitchen stools that are in need of a revamp, you'll have plenty of gorgeous colours to choose from. Why not be brave and try out different colours to your kitchen or island too!



Contrasting colours or simply different tones of similar shades can totally revive a kitchen or living room. If you're worried it might make an area look smaller as you're separating colour into blocks, that's nothing a mirror or two can't fix - the place will look huge!


How many of us have an old dresser in our bedroom (or maybe mum had one!) and now it sits there, essentially taking from a decent looking room? Time to revive!


Okay you might want to have some savage artistic skills for this one but we have faith in you! Best of all if you make a mistake... paint right over it! Create a worn or withered look at home and give character to a small piece of furniture.


Don't be afraid of big, bold, vibrant colour. Colours affect our mood immmensely - try painting a piece of furniture, a cupboard, a living room wall or even some tiles a colour that makes you feel energised and alive!


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So, plenty of us have problems trying to keep our bedrooms tidy. Well... one way to make it look that bit cleaner no matter when the last time it was you hoovered is to slather a coat of paint over bedside tables and even bed frames and bottom boards.


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We'd never recommend painting over tiles as beautiful as these, however you can allow them to stand out and be a focal piece in a kitchen or bathroom by painting cupboards or surrounding walls a gorgeous complimentary colour!


For the colour aficionados! Be brave, be bold and paint indoor furnishings with a broad array of vibrant colours and shades. In a small space, you might find this in fact is not too much and is the perfect flamboyant zone to any room.


Contrast is beautiful as it highlights the other colour(s) in the room. Mix, match and have fun. It's YOUR castle after all!


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There's nothing wrong with starting small if you're not the perfect handy woman or man. The slightest tocuh-up to a piece of furniture sitting at home has the power to create and entirely refreshed look!

Brought to you by Johnstone's paint.

With Johnstone’s new Revive range, you can upcycle whatever you fancy. Transform tired furniture, update those cupboards, or even paint the tiles. Check out the fantastic Revive colour range and start planning your next craft project with 33 percent off Johnstone’s revive at Woodie’s until December 23.