12 Things Only People From Galway Will Understand 6 years ago

12 Things Only People From Galway Will Understand

To hell or to Connacht? Oh, hell no. Hands down the very best county in Ireland, Galway is, and always will be, the number one place in the country to go out and have the best night of your life. That's just the way it is.

From little Brazil to Leitir Mealláin, the Wesht is most definitely awake.


Here are twelve things every true Galwegian knows about life.

1. Peter Pan was the only place...

To have your birthday. You were dared to go on the Coke slide (the steepest thing you'd ever seen in your life), but the shnake slide was always your favourite. You got lost in the ball pit, and the struggle to get up on that bouncy castle was real.

peter pan fun world pic

2. You know you've made it...

When your photo appears in The Connacht Tribune or The Galway Advertiser. Half the neighbours will call the house phone to let you know about it as well. #GreatDayForTheParish

the connacht tribune front cover


3. There's a festival, a fleadh and/or a fair for every occasion...

And each one is better craic than the next. Oysters? Check. Horses? You know it. Films? Why, of course. Volvo Ocean? Yep. Cruinniú na mBád? One of our favourites.

clarinbride oyster festival

4. Sparching...

With a bottle of B is the city's favourite pastime. In the rain, sun, sleet or shnow. Not a bother on us.


spanish arch sparh

5. Finding photo booth pictures...

At the bottom of your bag after a night in The Róisin is standard practice. And finishing the night off in The Charcoal Grill never goes out of shtyle.

the roisin dubh final


6. Quay Street during a sunny race week...

Is the best place in the world to be. If you're a Galwegian who's lived away, chances are you've travelled across oceans to make it home for this. And it was worth every minute.

quay street race week

7. You know that the back door of The Front Door...


Leads to another pub. You've watched the world (and Nora Warts) go by outside Neachtains and Tig Cóilí, and queued outside The Hole In The Wall to show your love for Donegal.

the front door galway

8. The clubs might all have new names...

But they'll always be Cuba, CPs (where you danced the night away on The Hill) and The GPO to you. Anyone for a foam party?

cps galway

9. There's nothing sweeter...

Than beating Mayo in a Connacht Final.

michael donnellan mayo

10.  Apart from walloping Clare...

In any match. Ever.

joe canning galway

11. McDonaghs...

Is the only place to get fish and chips. Sheridans is the best in the world for cheese. And Charlie Byrnes is where you buy your books.

mcdonaghs galway

12. 3am in Supermacs... 

Is all about the survival of the fittest. And you wouldn't have it any other way. Gaillimh abú!


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