22 discontinued chocolate bars that we REALLY want to bring back 3 years ago

22 discontinued chocolate bars that we REALLY want to bring back

And right now please and thank you!

It seems our sweet tooth always gets the better of us, plus we’ve been feeling rather nostalgic as of late. So we’ve taken the time to highlight the scrumptious chocolate bars that were so cruelly taken from us… and now, we want them back.


We can’t help but notice there’s a lot of Cadbury’s products within the following list - those cheeky ol’ sods.

1. Cadbury’s Taz Bar

Ah, the delectable treat bringing us all the way back to our childhood. Didn’t you love how it looked EXACTLY like Looney Tunes’ Tazmanian Devil himself? It was SO cool!

2. Cadbury’s Mint Crisp

Ok, so what’s the deal here? Oodles of folks adore mint, chocolate and a bit of crunch. And most definitely when it’s Cadbury’s chocolate! Bring it back!


3. Cadbury’s Snowflake

It was scrumptious to say the least. And so many of us here at the Her desk adored it too! Although it was more like a Twirl than a Flake, it had a nice ring to it, AND it would be perfect for Christmas time! Hint hint… Cadbury’s if you’re listening…

4. Mars Delight

You might not believe this but… there’s currently a petition online trying to get this delightful bite back and it’s doing rather well!


5. Nestle’s Vice Versa’s

So which were your favourite? The ones with the milk chocolatey centre or the white chocolate centre? Who doesn’t like a bit of choice in a packet, especially when it’s impossible to make the wrong one?


6. Cadbury’s Tiffin

Can you believe it’s been 14 years since we’ve gotten our hands on this raisin and nut pleasure? It was taken off the shelves in 2003 and hasn’t seen the light since.

7. Cadbury’s Touch Down


It looks like it was aimed at the boys but it was yummy either way! If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, you’ll likely be experiencing some joyous (or petrifying) childhood flashbacks right about now.

8. Cadbury’s Fuse

Ok, are Cadbury’s actually taking the piss? We aren’t even half way through this list. This crisp, nutty goodness did win a popular vote in 2005, meaning it could be brought back so keep your ears open.

9. Cadbury’s Marble

It really was like marble! With it’s delicious mix of white and milk chocolate along with a hazelnut centre, some folks might be surprised it lost out to the delightful Fuse bar above in that 2015 vote.

10. Cadbury’s Aztec

We’re bringin’ it back all the way to the 70s with this one right here. Folks are likely to still find themselves dreaming of this creamy caramel-nougat centre.

11. Cadbury's Nuts About Caramel

Ok, so seeing as it was a much-loved chocolate bar, maybe that's why they created these mouth-watering icecreams in the 80s too! Why oh, why would they take them all away from us?

12. 54321

Can you hear the advert yet? Made up of wafer, caramel and a crisp rice layer, this little treat has been sorely missed since 1989! And bring back the ad please. Thank you.

13. Jacobs Trio

Just watch below how it’s made and you’ll be craving this charming 80s caramel treat instantly.

14. Mars' White Maltesars

Now if you TRULY adore the original milk chocolate and honeycomb centres balls of joy, then the white ones may not have been your thing. Either way, these little pleasures were loved by many.

15. Nestle’s Toffo

It’s all in the name. And people adore their toffee.

16. Fox’s Echo Bars

What was once a lunchbox staple, is now no more. The perfect mix of crunch, white chocolate and milk chocolate was also the ideal size.

17. Cadbury’s TimeOut

It’s one of the most glorious yet under-rated bars of all time! But do you remember that the original TimeOut had more chocolate than it did wafer bar?

18. KitKat Caramac

When two become one. The blended mix of the Caramac and KitKat has varied over the years, but this four-piece creamy caramel wafer was adored by many. It’s short run came to a close in 2005.

19. KitKat Senses

It was KIND OF their take on a Kinder Bueno… but not really… Nonetheless it did what it said on the packet and tingled all our senses just right.

20. Cadbury’s Amazin’ Raisin’

If you loathe raisins, you loathed this bar back in its 70s hey-day! Seemingly it was super chewy and sticky - maybe people wanted to mind their teeth.

21. Cadbury's Moments

And what moments they were each time we'd give in to cravings and enjoy an all-round appetising bag of treats.

22. Cadbury Dream

Yes, it was dreamy goodness. And we continue to dream about the Dream to this day.

And now, we call on all of you to rise up, fight for your rights and the chocolate you need and crave so badly. And if there's one you REALLY want to see back on the shelves, why not start a petition?