3 glorious escapes south of Dublin we want to get to this weekend 3 years ago

3 glorious escapes south of Dublin we want to get to this weekend

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We’re nearing the weekend everybody!


We can finally start planning that scenic drive and escape from the city limits.

If you’re in Dublin, the fresh country air is often a welcome treat, especially now that summer is looming, and the days are getting longer. We’ve put together three drives that are totally worth the fuel if you happen to be near Dublin or the east coast - but of course, our little island offers pretty easy access from just about anywhere. Use the Google Map links provided below (set to leave from Dublin city centre) should you need them.

1. Blessington Lakes

Despite the fact it’s really a reservoir - and the biggest man made one in Ireland at that - it’s quite the site to see. The Blessington Lakes (aka the Poulaphouca Reservoir) is complimented by stunning views, surrounded by a narrow road giving sightseers easy access. The lake is a popular spot for various activities but if you’re looking to move the legs get on the Blessington Greenway Walk - it’s beautiful. For a bite to eat or a gander around some village shops - stop in Valleymount, Lacken or Ballyknockan.

2. Glendalough and the Sally Gap

Do these parts ever get old? We think not. It’s hard to beat such places on a sunny day, and even in the midst of winter - the blanket bog along the way to the Sally Gap takes our breath away. No matter what route you take, you’re guaranteed a gorgeous panoramic view that will most definitely instil that appreciation of what our little island has to offer.


When you reach Glendalough, indulge in a forest trail near the lake or if you’re feeling adventurous, pick one of the hiking trails. Just be sure to choose one suitable for your fitness level and the amount of time you have.

3. Kildare

The great outdoors isn’t the only thing to tickle your fancy this weekend. Hop on the N7 and head to Kildare for the ultimate fashionista experience - the Museum of Style Icons. With accessories adorned by Audrey Hepburn and dresses that draped from Princess Diana - it’s sure to please.  Don’t forget you have Donadea Forest Park to drive to also (only 20 minutes from Dublin city centre), with easy access to parking for anyone who has their walking boots on and ready for Alymer Loop. There's a yummy cafe, a picnic site and biking trails if you'd rather stay on the wheels too. Find it on the map here.


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