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They've noticed a pattern with some issues.

I can only imagine how stressful planning a wedding must be. In many cases couples probably argue quite a bit about all the details and the cost. While it's completely understandable for two people to get annoyed when planning such a big event, there are certain signs that arise during wedding planning that imply the marriage may not last.

American wedding planners Christy Matthews and Cassandra Santor spoke to ATTN about the red flags that emerge when planning the big day.

They state that taking sides during the preparation is not a good sign. If a bride or groom-to-be are siding with their parents, or other people outside of the couple, it could be an issue because they are not working as a team.

Age is also an influential factor, according to the wedding planners, those who get married at a younger age may not be prepared for the life they are committing to. Christy Mathews said she has worked with couples as young as 20 and their immaturity during the planning of the big day is not a good indication of how they will cope with adulthood and marriage.

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When the wedding becomes more important that the marriage, it is a major red flag. Perhaps it's not surprising, but it does probably happen more often that you think. Focusing too much on the colour of the confetti rather than life after the wedding shows that the focus is not long term, which also means that a couple may not be considering how much of a commitment marriage really is.

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So essentially, don't stress about the wedding too much, because the marriage itself is obviously the most important thing.


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