5 absolute essentials for when you're having the gals over for a summer evening soirée 1 year ago

5 absolute essentials for when you're having the gals over for a summer evening soirée

Brought to you by Bulmers Rosé

It's ladies night.


About time too - we've been counting down the days until we're able to have all of our favourite gals over at the same time (with enough space in between everyone for some proper social distancing - stay safe, y'all).

So, yes, we really want this first proper gals night after the lockdown to be perfect and we're sure you do too. In our experience, there are a few absolute essentials for making sure that everything runs smoothly and ensuring that everyone has a great time. So we thought we'd share them with you. They may seem pretty obvious but we find at least one of these are often forgotten and, depending on what it is, it can sometimes affect how the night goes.

So here you go, our five essentials for creating that perfect gals night.

1. Make sure to pick the right weather

Yes, yes, easier said than done in Ireland but if you have the ability to change days on short notice, try to have your gals night when it's sunny and preferably warm. Being able to start the night chatting outside, sipping on something delicious, will set everything off on a really good note. Plus, being outside always allows for more mingling. We often find that people separate into groups quicker when they're inside.

2. Choose the perfect classy drinks


Our absolute favourite bubbly drink recently has been Bulmers Rosé – it’s made with all the same apples and the craft of the traditional cider but it’s got a new recipe that gives it that extra summery sweetness. And, the most important factor – it’s pink. So you get the great-tasting sweetness of cider with the elegance of its blush pink colour. It will definitely be a crowd-pleaser.

3. Make some fancy snacks

Nothing says a gals night like some deliciously fancy snacks. We're talking mini spring rolls, chocolate-covered strawberries, cheese and crackers, maybe some mozzarella balls and tomato on sticks. Yum. It's a ladies night, so only the best for the ladies, are we right? And just think how well these will go with the Bulmers Rosé.


4. Put up some outdoor decorations

Decorations are a must-have when hosting a fancy ladies night. You don't have to go mad with them but a few extra touches here and there will make everything look much more elegant and it will look as though you put in a lot of effort. Just a few simple additions do wonders for setting the scene and really getting everyone in the summer mood. Grab yourself some outdoor lanterns or maybe some cute bunting to string up. If you have an outdoor table, stick a few candles on it. Trust us, it makes all the difference.

5. Turn those phones off (or at least set them aside)


Okay, of course using your phone to play music if you so wish is an exception but, for the most part, the best nights are those that are fully enjoyed without distraction. Take your photos early in the night (well, you didn't think we were going to tell you not to take photos, now did you?) and then set those phones aside for the rest of the evening. Let yourself be with your friends without the distraction of phones and social media. Enjoy the party, you created it after all.

Brought to you by Bulmers Rosé


Bulmers Rosé is the ideal drink for any summer occasion; served over ice while you chill in your back garden, as an accompaniment to brunch or a casual dinner with friends, or simply as a "treat yourself" moment after a hard week in work. 

Please drink responsibly.