5 beautiful holiday destinations for a total escape from bustling crowds 2 years ago

5 beautiful holiday destinations for a total escape from bustling crowds

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We're craving sunshine, warmth and an adventure ladies!


There are of course numerous destinations littered all over that we COULD get to. But to really escape the usual routine and repetition of everyday life at home, escaping the swaths of holiday makers really does make a huge difference.

Here are a few spots totally worth getting to for a unique and worthwhile getaway.

1. Vis, Croatia

While the likes of Split and Dubrovnik might be more popular, the island of Vis has plenty to offer us holiday makers. It’s one of the last areas in the region to avoid being overcome by tourism and so it’s currently an unspoiled paradise. Dip your toes in the Adriatic water, mosey around it’s stunning vineyards (yes, there’s wine!) fishing towns, and grab some delicious grub in it’s many cosy restaurants.

2. Oman


Right at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula, the less popular country for holiday makers in the region is safe and it has oodles to offer. Think cultural treasures, marble architecture, unspoiled beaches, endless desert (where there are always activities available) and glorious mountains – ideal for climbing enthusiasts.

3. Belize

It’s one of South America’s least visited countries, yet it’s also one of its safest. The blue Caribbean shorelines are utterly stunning and if you really want to see jaw-dropping marine life, get to Belize Barrier Reef. Over on the west coast, you have the jungle to explore if that tickles your fancy.

4. Languedoc, France


It’s closer to home if you’re more time conscious and it offers stunning beauty. With majestic forest cover, 13th century castles and even more vineyards than the Bordeaux region, expect the very best of wine in hand, while you relax and gaze over the Mediterranean.

5. Lanzarote, Canary Islands


Okay, so it can be jam packed with people, but… it’s still an ideal spot for the ultimate relaxing holiday. It’s also a wine hotspot with a whole host of wellness resorts should you feel like diving right in and treating yourself to an extraordinary trip.

Oh go on, get packing. You deserve it.

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