5 characters you're destined to meet at the Vhi Women's Mini Marathon (every time!) 5 years ago

5 characters you're destined to meet at the Vhi Women's Mini Marathon (every time!)

Brought to you by Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon.

The Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon is getting ever nearer, and yes, we're super excited.


This year it’s taking place on the Sunday of the June Bank Holiday (that is June 3, 2018). So pencil it in everyone. If like most of us you work weekdays, you'll be having yourself a lie in the next morning too. (Hurrah!)

In preparation (for those of us who enjoy a little prep.) we’re going on longer walks than usual, making sure our runners are as comfy as always, or maybe we’re running a bit more in an attempt to up our game for the 10k. (Let’s be honest, most of us will end up simply enjoying the lovely long walk with the girls or meeting new people.)

So we’ve been thinking – without fail, what are the kinds of people we see each year when the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon takes place. There are so many elements of the fantastic day out that never cease to amuse us – and this is one!

1. The Professional


Don’t let them make you feel inadequate. After all they’ve spent months and more likely, years, getting to the supreme fitness level they’re at now. They’ll fly past you, they’ll be kitted out in the finest of athletics gear and you just know in that competitive mind of theirs, they’re really at the Olympics!

2. The Good Sport

We all love a good sport. The one who eggs us on to take part in the Mini Marathon and whose positive energy and absolute buzz gets us feeling super eager to join in in all the fun. If you have one of these people in your life, never lose them. They’ll have you opting into the maddest shenanigans on the reg!


3. The Good-hearted Soul

These are the ones that are all in it for helping out their chosen charities and would go above and beyond to see a positive change. Whether they’re backing charities that give support to cancer sufferers, autism awareness, homelessness, animal welfare, community centres, childrens development, you name it – they give it their all in the hopes that things improve for those who need it most. It’s not about the walking, the jogging or the running, but purely the terrific opportunity to give back. Hurrah!


4. The First Timer

Easily spotted by their weary and unsure demeanour, the first timer may have been dragged unwillingly to participate by a friend or perhaps they took it upon themselves to join the charity marathon. Whatever the case may be, we always know they’re sure to love it and yes, they will undoubtedly be making a return next year! You’re only every a first timer once.

5. The Ones Who Play Dress Up

In fairness we don't get to play dress up and clown around too often, so seeing as the Mini Marathon is all for a great cause, plus an opportunity to do something fun with the gang, why not?


Don’t forget, there’s a brand new Dublin number collection venue this year at the Trinity Sports Centre in Trinity College, where participants can soak up the pre-event atmosphere. Over 35,000 women are expected to walk, jog or run in this year’s Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon (wowie!).

So what kind of marathon goer will you be this June?  Don’t forget to enter at www.vhiwomensminimarathon.ie

Brought to you by Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon.