5 handy fibs to get you out of those dodgy weekend plans 1 year ago

5 handy fibs to get you out of those dodgy weekend plans

We’ve all been there – there’s only hours left before you clock out of work for another week, and your friend texts, asking if you want to go for drinks.

You fall into an immediate sense of dread at the thought of dragging your tired ass to some hipster pub in town, and regret ever opening the message.There’s no avoiding it now, but there’s only so many times you can use the ‘I’m not feeling too good’ excuse.
Yes, we know, it sounds mean - but we all have those days where we just need to go home, order a pizza and binge on a Netflix series of our choosing.
However, there's a fine line between politely declining and being the world's biggest flake - so we here at Her.ie have put together some of the fibs we've used to get out of those last-minute plans.
1. ‘My housemate’s making dinner tonight’
Yes, it may sound silly, but who’s going to be mad at the girl who’s spending quality time with her housemates?

2. ‘Raincheck till payday?’
This isn't even a lie, because when are drinking funds not a problem?

3. ‘I’ve the car with me’
While you may be hit back with the ‘Sure, you don’t have to drink’ text, with a bit of negotiating, you can easily get these plans rearranged.


4. ‘I’ve a date tonight, sorry’
This will immediately deflect from the fact that drinks were ever on the table. However, be prepared for the interrogation over the next few days about how the ‘date’ went.

5. ‘I need my bed more than I need a drink’
You know what they say, honesty is the best policy, and if it just doesn’t sit right with you to fib your way out of plans, then just be up front and tell them a night on the couch is all your looking for right now.

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