5 jaw-dropping Ikea hacks that will give your home the 'wow' factor 1 year ago

5 jaw-dropping Ikea hacks that will give your home the 'wow' factor

Blame it on my Scandinavian roots, but I simply love Ikea.

And not only for their huge collection of functional and modern design at such affordable prices – but mostly, I think, for the infinite possibilities these products come with.


How? Because buying an Ikea item, be it a kitchen cabinet or a chest of drawer, is only the start. Then (thanks, Pinterest!) comes the fun part, where you get to customize, or hack if you will, your new purchase to make it something totallly unique. And totally you.

The options, if you do a quick Pinterest seach, are endless it would seem. From changing the fronts of your kitchen cabinets to re-purposing your Malm chest of drawer, or upgrading your plain wooden bar stools; there is an Ikea hack out there for you.

The world, when it comes to tinkering with your Ikea purchasees, is your DIY oyster.

There are a hack out there for pretty much any piece of Ikea furniture and decor item, one more unique and innovative than the next. But when it comes to our favourites; here are five of the best ones we have ever seen:

1. Modern Pendant Light

What was originally a serving dish, the gorgeous bronze Angenäm dish has been turned into an equally stunning pendant ceiling lamp.

(Picture and idea via Sarahhermansamuel.com)


2. Concrete-Topped Side Table

Using the Ikea Melltorp underframe, these guys then DIY-ed the once slightly dull table into the most stylish side-table ever known.

(Picture and idea via Weekdaycarnival.blogspot.com)


3. Built-In Billy Bookcase

Built-in shelves cost a lot – which is why this lady (with the help of a creative friend) decided to try and make her budget Billy bookcases more like built-ins – and succeeded amacingly well.

(Picure and idea from Themakerista.com)


4. Gilded Bar Cart

Take cocktail hour up a notch with this incredibly chic bar cart – which you can easily DIY from the popular Bygel utility cart from your local Ikea.

(Picture and idea via Twinspiration.co)


5. Belted Mirror

If you are a reader of interior magazines or blogs, you will no doubt have seen these mirrors pop up everywhere lately. The problem? They can cost a pretty penney to purchase. However; you could just do like this crafty blogger did, and attach some affordable leather belts from H&M to a round IKEA mirror.

(Picture and idea via Sarahwideman.se)