4 outdoor seats that will up your garden game this summer 1 year ago

4 outdoor seats that will up your garden game this summer

Something stylish for your bum in the sun!

Sunny weather is back and the temperature is only going to start going up and up. Now is the time to start thinking seriously about any space you have outdoors and how you can make it as chic as possible.


Holidays may not be on the cards this year so you might as well bring the holiday vibes to your garden or balcony or whatever little space in your place that gets a beam of light.

This year instead of investing in new clothes that no one is going to see spend a little cash on some garden furniture, because that's where you will be living for a few months.

Outdoor seats are where you will want to invest, something comfy for your bum that looks great in pics. From egg chairs to hammocks, here are five seats you like...

Egg Chair


It's pretty obvious why this chair is called an egg chair, it looks like an egg. If you've ever sat in one of these you will know how comfy they are and how photogenic they are too. This is a must have for your garden this summer, just think of the cocktails while swinging around in one of these. They are on the pricey side but last year Lidl had them on offer and they sold out in seconds,  worth keeping an eye on.



Nothing says holiday like a hammock in our opinion. This is the ultimate garden accessory for the next few months. If you didn't get your hands on one of these last summer then this is your year. Just imagine swinging away in the evening sun and then think of the Instagram content and the naps, don't forget about the naps!

Alcapulco Chairs

Not only do these alcapulco chairs look chic they are very comfy and very affordable. Mark our words these seats are the chairs of the summer and you'll find them sat in the most stylish of settings for the summer months ahead. They come in different colours, so you can style your space whatever way you want, add some fairy lights and your garden will be instantly transformed.




These chairs are like something straight out of an all American dream film, like something you would find in a cottage. They look old school but they are definitely a must foray garden party this year, even if t's just you and your friend (restrictions depending).