10 virtual date ideas for the person you just matched with 1 year ago

10 virtual date ideas for the person you just matched with

So you've hit it off with someone online but can't get together IRL. What next?

We've never been swiping more but as lockdown continues, ordinary first date staples like pub drinks, a picnic in the park or even awkward hand-holding as you stroll around town are strictly off-limits.


But that doesn't mean you have to confine yourself to exchanging gifs on an app. You've been working from home, shopping from home and exercising from home so why not date from home too?

Some of our suggestions are perfect for a first date while others might work better after getting to know someone a little.

Just keep us in mind when you're sending out invites to the wedding, yeah?


Take a walk together

Can't get within 2 km of each other? You could always take them on a virtual tour of the area you live in, pointing out your favourite spots over the phone. If nothing else, a walk has the benefit of having a natural end - if you need one.



Cook a meal

Same recipe, same ingredients, same timing. And if your end result is shocking, they won't have to know.


Offer to pay for dinner


If you can't boil an egg, why not send them a voucher for a takeaway? Or if you know their regular order, check that they're free and send a delivery to their door. Plan for your food to arrive at the same time as theirs and then Facetime as you tuck in.


Visit a museum or the zoo


Dozens of the world's top cultural attractions offer virtual tours. Take in the British Museum, New York's Guggenheim or San Diego Zoo together, all minus the crowds and noise. If you really want to impress, look up a few facts in advance - like when Joey tried to learn about the art at The Met for Charlie in Friends.


Netflix Party and chill

Choose a film or series and watch it at the same time with the Netflix Party extension. If you're not using Netflix, the TwoSeven Chrome extension will allow you to watch videos together too.




Game night

We're not suggesting you jump onto their family Zoom quiz (yet) - start with an online board game. Look up classics like Cluedo, Monopoly, The Game of Life and Scrabble in the app store and get going.


Start a joint playlist on Spotify

Not technically a date but this'll give you a visceral insight into their psyche.


Make it a party

If things are going well between you, gather your roomies, get him or her to do the same and have a social distancing get-together with games and drinks over Zoom. Charades. 20 questions and Pictionary are ideal for this set-up.


Take an online class together

Learn an instrument, language or new skill with one another - and get competitive to keep things interesting.



Sure, it was never going to be all cooking and museums. Use messaging, voice notes, video and whatever props you have at home to find ways around the distance.