6 honest exam tips so you can stay calm and actually boost your performance 5 years ago

6 honest exam tips so you can stay calm and actually boost your performance

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Feeling the butterflies yet?


There are few things in life more stressful than exam time. Even if we take it in our stride, it's likely the case that our stress hormones are raging and everything from our mood to our energy level is being affected.

What's probably worse is all the silly and somewhat embarrassing things we do or say because of exam stress. At least we hope it was the stress-inflicted...


So in a bid to help a sister out (or a bro), here are the tips to try if you want to smash those exams and come out the other side with a gleaming smile.


1. You HAVE to exercise

Even if you're the polar opposite to a gym bunny, you need to get moving during exam time. Despite the obvious physical benefits, exercise improves memory, helps you fall into a better sleep at night (YAS!), it strengthens your focus and it reduces stress. Anything that makes you break into a sweat - keep it up, so say yes to cardio!

2. Snoooze Please


If you accomplish number one, sleeping will be a whole lot easier. Yes, some night owls are adamant that studying late is much better for them, but time and time again, research shows our bodies are made to go to sleep when darkness falls, and by ignoring this, our body is not rejuvenating the way it should. This leads to a whole bunch of health ailments. Get eight to 10 hours of sleep each night.

3. Block Out Other People's BS

Around exam time, plenty of people feel the need to shout out about how little they've studied, how totally screwed they are, OR even the entire opposite - declaring how 'absolutely sorted' they are. NONE of this makes any difference to you, or your exam. Please ignore.

4. Talk to Your Teacher/Lecturer


Get advice. Ask loads of questions (there's no such thing as a silly question). They can give you pointers and extra exam advice, plus they'll appreciate that you actually care. It's not about playing teacher's pet, but it might just give you peace of mind with that extra bit of moral support.

5. Preparation is Key

No, we're not going to state the obvious and say you should start studying LONG before exam time. Instead, if you're finding it really hard to open a book, just clean and tidy the area you'll be studying in for now. It's still progress, and you're still on the right track. Plus when you do begin the long hard slog, it will be with a clear mind and in the perfect learning environment.

Part of preparing also involves taking time out. Practise mindfulness, take a couple of minutes to connect with your thoughts and how you feel. Remember if you feel anxious, it will pass and it's something you can work through. Try chewing gum, taking chill out time, exercise and do something you enjoy every day to stay calm and shine bright.


6. Mix Up Your Study Areas 

Through trial and error (providing you have time), try alternating your study spots. Yep, they say you should always have a designated area to do your work in, however, a change of scenery can actually heighten energy levels and be a breathe of fresh air for many.

Whether it’s coping with exam stress, or trying to stay a bit healthier during the busy exam season, the above tips can point you in the right direction. Remember, you've all the power to ensure it's finally your Time to Shine.

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