6 sex and dating podcasts that every woman should listen to 2 weeks ago

6 sex and dating podcasts that every woman should listen to

We know why you're here so we won't hold you up.

Here's our round-up of the best sex and dating audio content out there.

Happy listening.


Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel

World-renowned couples' therapist Esther Perel takes us through some of her real-life clients' appointments. Episodes cover everything from cheating and self-love to how to re-introduce sex into a relationship.

Through Esther's questions, you'll inevitably end up taking a magnifying glass to your own dating history - no bad thing for any of us.


Girls On Porn

Hosts Laura and Rachel review porn in all its guises, genres and kinks to help listeners find the best of the best.

With an emphasis on ethical porn and told firmly through the female gaze, you'll love this if you get overwhelmed by the world of erotica online.


Shameless Sex

Hosts Amy Baldwin, a sex and relationship coach, and April Lampert, a sex toy entrepreneur, are on a mission to help you have better sex. Their podcast is a no-holes-barred exploration of how to experience pleasure, self-love and intimacy.

We guarantee that no matter your age, gender or preferences, you'll learn something new here.


Modern Love

Actors read some of the best of the New York Times's iconic Modern Love columns - beautiful stories by ordinary people about how love has touched their lives.

Recent favourite episodes of ours include "Screens Between Us" read by Issa Rae, "Nursing A Wound" read by Jake Gyllenhaal and "We'll Meet Again in Five Years" read by Regina King.


Savage Lovecast

Columnist Dan Savage has been sharing sex advice for decades. Here, he takes a no-nonsense approach to listeners' problems and also interviews celebrities and experts on, well, sex.

If you appreciate a zero-bullshit approach to dealing with problems, look no further.


Dying For Sex


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Molly, a woman diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, decides to leave her unhappy marriage to seek more adventurous sex and "feel alive".

The podcast is narrated by her best friend, Nikki Boyer, and goes far beyond sex; exploring the intersection of illness and intimacy and how Molly came to terms with her diagnosis.

Make sure you have a box of tissues handy.