7 things you always hear or say on Bank Holiday Monday 5 years ago

7 things you always hear or say on Bank Holiday Monday

Nothing beats a Bank Holiday weekend – an extra day off, a shorter week, nothing to do… have you ever noticed that they usually go the same way? Here are seven things you always hear or say on a Bank Holiday Monday…


Sure isn’t it great having the extra day off

It certainly is!

What are you doing today?


Whether you’ve planned a trip somewhere or are just catching up on Netflix – it’s always the best day EVER.

Sure it’s a Bank Holiday

There’s no better excuse to have that giant bar of chocolate or splash out on the dress you’ve been eyeing up for weeks.


Too bad we didn’t get the weather/ At least we got the weather this time

Ah, the mandatory weather comment.


Can’t believe we’re back to work tomorrow

You could have two full weeks off and you’ll still get the back-to-work blues.

The weekend just went so quickly

(See above.)


Only a few more days until the weekend again

We love looking on the bright side...