8 travel-inspired tattoos which are giving us some serious wanderlust 10 months ago

8 travel-inspired tattoos which are giving us some serious wanderlust

Looking for some inspiration?

Most people have a bucket list, chockablock with things we want to do and the places we hope to one day explore.

Whether you've already checked off all of the spots that you've been dreaming of, or your list is constantly expanding and you're planning your adventure, a permanent reminder of your travels can seem incredibly appealing.

Even if you've been living away from home for awhile, and are looking for a permanent reminder that home is where the heart is, there's no shortage of travel-inspired body ink designs.

Searching for #traveltattoo inspiration on Instagram brings up tens of thousands of ideas, and it can be tricky enough to narrow it down.

There's beautiful inkings of some of the world's most well-known landmarks, and some dainty (yet stunning) floral-inspired designs.

Or, if your BFF has been your adventure buddy, there's even some excellent ideas for matching etchings.

Whether you're looking for a permanent reminder of your wanderlust, or are simply looking for some inking inspiration, check out these 8 travel-inspired tattoo ideas that are constant reminders of your adventure.

A picture perfect, unforgettable scene

If you're always searching for the next adventure

A reminder of all the places you want to explore


For the adventurer with a never-ending love of travel

A unique reminder of every place you've visited (or just the really memorable ones)

For the pair who want to make their adventures last forever

For the travel lover with a permanent case of wanderlust

...even when it may be on a smaller scale (at least design wise).