A terminally ill boy has been reunited with his teddy and it's all thanks to social media 2 years ago

A terminally ill boy has been reunited with his teddy and it's all thanks to social media

His mum took to Facebook, giving details of the bear and appealing for people's help.

A young boy has been reunited with his beloved teddy bear through the power of social media.


Four-year-old Atticus is terminally ill and had been attending an appointment to prepare for radiotherapy with his mum on the day the bear was lost.

Clearly distressed, Atticus' mum took to Facebook, retracing their steps and sharing a photo of teddy Boeuf. In it, she wrote that her son is due to commence radiotherapy on Monday, February 4 and "needs his best friend."

She wrote:

"Our four-year-old son Atticus is terminally ill and has lost his best friend Boeuf (below - well loved cuddly brown bear with bandage on right paw).

"We were in the basement of UCLH at midday on Friday 25th January to prep for Atticus' radiotherapy and from there caught a black cab at about 14:30.

"The cab driver was lovely, said he worked at the Royal London whilst studying for the Knowledge and is a Washington Redskins fan.

"He dropped us off by the Shell building/Jubilee Gardens so we could pop into a souvenir shop behind Waterloo. We then walked to Waterloo, visited Yo! Sushi and caught a train at 15:50 to Whitchurch.

"We know we had Boeuf at the hospital because he had his own special radiotherapy mask made. After that I'm afraid we don't know!

"Please help find him, Atticus starts radiotherapy on Monday 4th February and needs his best friend."

Thanks to the power of social media and the immense number of shares the post received (almost 3k), Boeuf has now been found and is reunited with Atticus.

In a heartwarming update, Atticus' mum, Emily wrote:


"With huge thanks to all you lovely people for sharing our post, the power of social media has worked! A lovely fellow mum whose son is also under the care of UCLH called around relentlessly and located Boeuf in a shop behind Waterloo.

"Suffice it to say there will be a very happy little boy whose best friend will help him through his second round of radiotherapy.

"Thank you thank you thank you!"


We couldn't be more delighted that one brave little boy is reunited with his best friend.