A Tribute To Dundalk And A Matches-Eating Child: 10 Of Our Favourite Reader Truths Revealed 5 years ago

A Tribute To Dundalk And A Matches-Eating Child: 10 Of Our Favourite Reader Truths Revealed

We recently asked our readers to tell us their refreshing truths to be in with a chance of winning an iPad.

The response has been fantastic, so we've decided to share some of our favourites with you. Anonymously, of course.


From shocking pizza confessions to some great insight into the town of Dundalk (keep reading til the end for that one), here's a look at our top ten.

1. "I thought I had a bad fake tan accident when, on Easter Monday morning in my hungover delirium, I took off my bra and there were big brown blotches all over my boobs. Turns out it was all chocolate!"

This story made our day.


2. "The truth is that you know you're from Louth when there is an automatic silence when the death notices are read out on LMFM. You also know you're late for school if you hear them."

This confirms our long-held belief that Irish people are obsessed with the death notices.



Image via HairyBaby.com

3. "I told everyone I liked pizza to fit in and now I have to eat it all the time when I don't even like it."

How can anyone not like pizza?! That's sacrilege!

pepperoni pizza gif

4. "The truth is that Mam, I did take the wing mirror off by hitting the pillar. That passerby that I said kicked it never existed. I just can't reverse very well."


We feel your pain; we can’t either.


5. "Women know fake tan looks orange, they just don't care."

A fair point, well made.


kim kardashian tanning

6. "I don't think I will ever get over the devastation of Zayn leaving One Direction."

We don’t think we will either. Love you, Z.



7. "I used to be a really weird little kid. I ate flowers as a kid - I'd walk home from school, pick up random flowers and eat them. I also used to rob the matches lying around the house and eat them too. Ha ha!"

This is epic. We'll never look at matches or flowers the same way again.


8. "If you're from the countryside, such as the villages of County Mayo, be prepared to meet some of the friendliest people who already know everything about you  or know at least five people belonging to you."

Possibly the most accurate statement ever made. And sometimes it makes us want to do this:


9. "I unknowingly walked around Portlaoise town with my school skirt tucked into my pants....more than once! Lets just say I was a big hit with the boys for all the wrong reasons."

We’ve all been there. And it's the worst.

polar bear

10. And finally, our winner, Kathy Savage, has provided her refreshing truth about Dundalk:

  • "The town has a now famous taxi driver who shall be named "Maxi's Taxi", and is discovering talent Louis Walsh couldn't.
  • The start of a night out consists of a few drinks in 'Brubakers' and then on to 'Ridleys' where you can barely lift your feet off the floor it is that sticky!
  • After a night out, it was over to the Singli Van on the square or a Europa.
  • The place to be on a sunny day is Saint Helenas Park.
  • The best breakfast in the town can only be got in 'MaBradys.'"

Congratulations Kathy! You are our winner!

Sprite, the truth is refreshing.

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