A wine from Lidl has just won a major world-wide award 3 years ago

A wine from Lidl has just won a major world-wide award

Some of you will be very happy, and some will most likely be very disappointed by what we're about to tell you.

With the weekend closing in on us, and the weather going back and forth between hot and dry, and hot and wet, everyone is probably considering what their tipple of choice will be that will get them through to Monday.


Keeping that in mind, let us talk about Lidl's very-much-buzzed-about product, which they themselves describe as "dry with plenty of flavour" and having "integrated fizziness and a dry, lingering finish".

The Crémant de Bourgogne Blanc NV was announced the winner of the "Silver Outstanding" award at the recent International Wine and Spirits Competition, an award that was also given to the very fancy Veuve Clicquot 2008 vintage Champagne.

Here is the award-winning sparkling wine in all of it's glory:

The award-winner is priced at just £7.99 per bottle... and with that you've probably just figured out the bad news.

Yep, unfortunately the bottle of bubbly isn't available in the Republic Of Ireland at the moment.

Did somebody just say "road trip to the North"?