If you've been ghosted a couple of times you might want to try this 2 years ago

If you've been ghosted a couple of times you might want to try this

A lot of us have been ghosted.

You finally find a someone you kinda/sorta like, everything is going well, you're texting, you meet up - all is good.


And then one day out of the blue... nothing. Zero, zilch, nada.

They have just vanished into air, never to be seen or heard from again.

Nobody likes to be ghosted because it's one of the crappiest feelings on earth - however, you can completely avoid it now thanks to this new dating app.

In an attempt to stop ghosting, Badoo has launched a new reply feature which suggests responses for users who haven’t replied to their match.

Badoo’s in-house dating expert and psychologist, Claire Stott, believes the response suggestions will encourage users to be more responsible for their behaviour online and as a result will reduce ‘ghosting’.

Claire continued: “Not only does the feature intercept the 'ghosting' process by encouraging users to reply, it also prompts those who are actually interested in their match, to get the ball rolling and meet in real life.”


“Ghosting has been going on forever, but apps have expanded the dating pool and created more opportunities for people to meet. Therefore the chances of being ghosted are higher.

"For anyone who finds themselves being ghosted, don’t assume that they stopped talking to you because you did something wrong. It’s a by-product of online dating rather than a reflection of you as a person.”

The feature will launch at the end of this year.