According to new research there is exactly four types of wine drinkers 5 years ago

According to new research there is exactly four types of wine drinkers

Which one are you?

Yes, new research from the Michigan State University published in theĀ International Journal of Wine Business Research, has revealed that every wine drinker in this world can be categorised into one of four categories.


They have researched that the way in which one drinks and tastes their wine and now states it can be placed under one of the following four vinotypes (this is the fancy word they have created for this new research).

The categories are...


These people are very picky about their wines, along with most other things in their lives. They strive to keep everything organised and in place according to the research. They want something light, fruity and not too strong. They also enjoy fizzy drinks and salt. The statistics also state that 70% of these drinkers are women.



Similar to the sweet category, these people want something light and sweet however, they are more open to trying new wines but they must be clean and simple. Randomly this research also states that these people are most common to complain about room temperature and television volume.



These people fall in the middle of the wine drinking scale. They are flexible and adventurous, they like a variety of wines as long as the wine isn't too strong. These people are also said to be a little free spirited and less rigid in everyday life.



Lastly, these are the wine connoisseurs. The people who demand big bold flavours and full-bodied wines. Research also suggests that they are decision makers and linear thinkers. The most enjoyed wine by this category is a rich flavoured red wine. People who connected most with this category also loved strong cheese and coffee.

Which category did you fall into? This might help you navigate your wine choice the next time you are ordering from the bar. Success.