Aldi and Deliveroo remove delivery fee on groceries 2 years ago

Aldi and Deliveroo remove delivery fee on groceries

Great news of a Thursday!

If you're like some of us here at Her then you will be quite familiar with Deliveroo and again quite familiar with ordering groceries on Deliveroo.


I'm not saying we get all our groceries delivered all the time but from time to time some of us do.

I live on my own so don't judge me when I say I get Deliveroo groceries most of the time, it's just easier and I always leave things until last minute when I'm cosy on the couch, and the last thing I want to do when I' cosy on a couch is get up and go to the shop and get milk or toilet roll.

It balances out because I don't buy too many clothes online at all.

Anyway, this is not the point of this article.


The point I want to tell you guys about is that Deliveroo and Aldi have teamed up together to save you money and they've only gone and taken off the delivery fee for groceries over lockdown.

The newly announced partnership sees the two wipe the €4.99 delivery fee from orders from today until the end of lockdown. Now you can get your groceries and not have to pay an extra fiver for them.

You can't do a massive weekly shop in Aldi through Deliveroo, remember some of the delivery men and women are on bikes, so the limit is €75 euro. And there's a minimum spend of €25.

You can also get groceries delivered to your family members. With Covid numbers still high more and more people don't want to be stepping foot in a grocery store so instead Deliveroo and Aldi are looking after customers with their latest initiative.


This would come in handy for people who might be vulnerable/old and don't want to go out at all.

The partnership’s service is available to up to 1.5 million people living in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick.

So if you're feeling a little lazy this week and need some milk and a few bits, get your app out and order from Deliveroo. Alternatively if your feeling generous or want to look after a loved one, get your app out and order them a few bits.