An Easy Way To End Those Awkward Moments Spent Figuring Out The Bill? Yes Please! 5 years ago

An Easy Way To End Those Awkward Moments Spent Figuring Out The Bill? Yes Please!

Brought to you by permanent tsb and Visa

You know that moment during a dinner out with your friends when you’re finishing up coffees and desserts, the buzz from the bottle(s) of wine you’ve shared is starting to kick in, and everyone is in great form? It's a pretty nice feeling, right? 

All too often, however, that lovely atmosphere is quickly shattered by the arrival of the bill and someone inevitably uttering some of the most-dreaded words at a dinner table: "How do we want to split this?" Cue uncomfortable glances around the table and several minutes mumbling about what people ordered and didn't order, drank and didn't drink etc. And when you have decided how to split it, you can be sure that half the table will whip out their cards to pay, while the rest will start counting out their cash and calculating how much change they're owed.

Paying the bill after a group lunch or dinner has to be up there with one of the most awkward things we go through with our friends, and in the run up to Christmas we’re going to find ourselves in the situation more and more often.

Mrs Doyle

If you're a permanent tsb customer, and you want to relieve some of the stress of those moments spent pouring over the bill, you can now use a new feature called MobileMoney to transfer money safely and securely to your friends in seconds. The whole thing works very easily - just register for MobileMoney on your permanent tsb app, enter the amount you owe along with your pal's name and mobile number, pop in the last four digits of your Visa debit card, hit 'pay now', and boom, you're sorted.

The great news is that the receiver doesn't even have to be with permanent tsb as you can send money to anyone with an Irish Visa card. All you need is the person's mobile number and you can send up to €150, and the service is currently free of charge, with money appearing in their account within 30 minutes.

Bring on those Christmas dinners - we know exactly how we're going to put an end to those awkward moments with the bill! Friends, you're welcome in advance!


To learn more about this handy new service, head on over to or check out the short video below. You can register for MobileMoney through the permanent tsb mobile banking app, which can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play.

In order to send payments you will need internet access and a Visa debit card issued by permanent tsb. Internet access and/or a permitted Visa card is required to receive payments. For more information on daily limits and terms and conditions go to Operator charges may apply. permanent tsb p.l.c. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.