This company in the UK is giving staff annual leave so they can masturbate 2 years ago

This company in the UK is giving staff annual leave so they can masturbate

All about that work/ life balance.

If your job asked you what you wanted, what would you say?


Well, one company in the UK has decided to give their employees some extra love.


Well, they have allowed for days to be taken off work... to allow their employees to masturbate.

LELO UK, a sex toy manufacturing company, are the geniuses behind this new employee benefit.

They have called them "self love days", where employed literally spend their free time masturbating.

How forward thinking?

On these extra FOUR days off, staff are encouraged to 'fulfill' themselves sexually and have as many orgasms as possible.


The bosses reckon this will make staff happier, while reducing stress and boosting production.


We see the reasoning behind this one lads!

Rachael Nsofor, a spokesperson for LELO UK, said: "Being sexually fulfilled and satisfied is something that we at LELO UK feel is a basic human right and it's completely free!"

"And as a result of this research, we're delighted to introduce a new initiative where we are offering our UK employees the opportunity to take up to four days a year as a 'self love day'.


"We hope our UK staff use them to do whatever they want to explore their happiness and what makes them tick with the hope that they'll come to work the next day with a spring in their step and be as productive as possible."

Sure look, and even if they don't spend the four days locked in a room going at it, you could make a little holiday out of it!