Mums don't owe anyone an explanation on why our bodies haven't "bounced back" 7 months ago

Mums don't owe anyone an explanation on why our bodies haven't "bounced back"

I will never understand the need to comment on someone's body.

A lot of people genuinely can not believe me when I tell them some of the remarks people have made about my post-baby body, but no word of a lie, they happen.


Sometimes it's accidental, people not meaning to be hurtful but being hurtful nonetheless. Sometimes it's just downright malicious.

Since having my daughter I've had some people question why my body hasn't 'bounced back' like it did after I had my son, and newsflash - I don't need to give them an explanation and neither do you.

stretch marks

Mams do not owe anyone an explanation on why their bodies look the way they do.

We do not have to explain why we have stretch marks or hyper-pigmentation on some parts of our skin.

We don't have to explain why we have loose skin around our belly area.

We don't have to explain why we haven't 'bounced back'.


I used quotation marks when I say 'bounced back' because it's always struck me as a toxic phrase used to shame mums for not being slim immediately after or soon after giving birth.

Like looking after a newborn isn't enough stress, now we have to put ourselves under pressure to have super model bodies on top of it?

A little while ago I even had someone go as far as to say: "Your youngest is three, why do you still have baby weight?"

Maybe because she's my second child and my body is more stretched out.

Maybe because I'm in my 30s and my metabolism is slowing down.


Maybe because I'm just trying to get through the stress of the pandemic in one piece.

Maybe because it's my body and none of your business.

I've had other remarks made like: "Oh, you used to be so thin."  Yes I did, but I don't know why it's necessary to point that out.


All of our bodies change over time, especially after we've given birth and most of the time they don't quote un quote 'bounce back'.

Sometimes they stay jiggly. Sometimes they stay stretched. Sometimes they stay bigger than they used to be.

If you're a mum know you don't owe anyone an explanation for this.

Your body is a powerhouse that helped house and birth babies.


Your body is incredible and needs no explanation.