How to avoid getting caught up in a holiday travel scam 2 years ago

How to avoid getting caught up in a holiday travel scam

It's the worst thing that could possibly happen.

Going on holiday is probably one of the most exciting times ever (it is for us anyway). Absolutely nothing beats knowing that in a few days time you'll be on your way to a hot, exotic place instead of slogging away at your job.


You do nothing but chill and explore and eat and drink and it's just so. Much. Fun.

However, thousands of people get caught up in holiday scams every year with most scams being carried out on flights.

Head of Flight Centre Retail told Cosmo that fraudsters carry out their scams through text or email, offering people flights at a majorly discounted rate.

This all seems well and good - because of course it is too good to be true. The scammers end up getting your details, you end up having no actual flight and your holiday ends up being ruined.

Liz Mathews told the website: "Whether you’re booking a holiday online, over the phone or in a travel agent, always make sure you’ve checked you’re dealing with a legitimate company.

"If you’re being asked to do something out of the ordinary, like pay money directly to person’s bank account, then you should be alarmed. And, as always, if something seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is!"

And of course, Liz encourages you to do some background checks on the company offering you flights, and search around for reviews (that's if there is any!).