Baby penguin takes his 'first swim' at London aquarium 8 months ago

Baby penguin takes his 'first swim' at London aquarium

Ah, stop.

A baby penguin has taken his first ever swim at a London aquarium.

The young Gentoo chick took the giant leap this week in the Sea Life London penguin enclosure close to his parents, aquarium staff, and a selection of other penguins.

The baby was the first penguin to be born in the aquarium earlier this year, weighing just 105g when he entered the world.

Baby penguins take their first ever swims all the time, but this particularly baby penguin is making headlines because he is particularly adorable.

In the video, the Gentoo chick bounds into the water as a selection of other penguins follow.

Penguins cannot swim until their adult feathers come in because before this, they are not waterproof. If a penguin was to take his first swim before this time, it could sink.

The unnamed baby was watched by his parents, Juno and Loki, in the aquarium's enclosure.

He was also joined by the 16 other penguins who share the space.