Barnados' 'Gifts for Good' will make Christmas brighter for an Irish child this festive season 2 years ago

Barnados' 'Gifts for Good' will make Christmas brighter for an Irish child this festive season

What do you buy the person that has everything?

Or that certain someone who is just really, really hard to buy for? Or the Secret Santa colleague you just can't even think of what to be getting for?


Answer: Barnados' 'Gift for Good.'

This year, why not gift your loved ones – or work colleague, or mom friend or ballet teacher – an alternative Christmas present, one that will actually make a difference to someone's life?

By purchasing a ‘Gift for Good’ for someone on your list this year, you will not only make a child’s spirit bright this Christmas, you will contribute to the brighter future they deserve.

Barnados 'Gifts for Good'


So instead of another scented candle or pair of socks or some ornament no-one needs, your gift will support Barnardos work with over 17,700 children and families in over 41 communities around Ireland, ensuring the best outcomes possible for each and every child, helping them to reach their potential now and into their adult lives.

Each gift is based on items typically used by families coming to Barnardos, and these gifts offer practical support at Christmas time and beyond.

Barnardos Gifts for Good:

  1. Pyjamas, bed socks and slippers €18

With this gift you could provide the comfort and cosiness of warm pyjamas and keep tiny toes toasty warm at night. This gift will help keep children warm giving them a better chance to stay healthy and thrive.

  1. Food Voucher  €25

With this gift you could provide lunches to children in our early year’s programme, or breakfasts to children in our services, setting them up with a warm full tummy ready for a day of learning at school. This gift will give a child the best start to the day (and to their young lives!)

  1. Filled Soap bag for a family €28

With this gift, you could help provide essential toiletries like a toothbrush, toothpaste, facecloth, sponge, soap, shampoo, brush and comb that many families in our services are not in a position to provide or regularly replace.

  1. Books €35

With this gift you could help support work in our amazing early years’ programme, which includes encouragement of language development among pre-schoolers through dialogic reading. This gift will open a new chapter in life for young children who need a little extra help to bring their development up to par with their peers so that they are ready to start mainstream school.

  1. Duvet, Pillow & Covers €50  

With this gift you could help create a comfortable and warm place for a child to get the rest they need at night. In winter months especially, some of the families we work with may not be in a position to heat their homes. With this gift you will help a child get a good, warm and comfortable night’s sleep, which is key to their learning and behaviour.


This year we also have a Care Bundle available. This is a special offer of all five ‘Gifts for Good’ for €100.

For each ‘Gift for Good’ you buy, you will be sent an individual card with an envelope in which you can write your own special personal message to pass on to a loved one.

Each ‘Gift for Good’ that is purchased this Christmas will directly benefit children and families attending Barnardos services. By choosing ‘Gifts for Good’ you will allow Barnardos to respond to a range of individual, and often very complex, needs in the most practical, efficient and impactful ways possible.

To order a Barnados 'Gifts for Good' right now, click here.