BBQs have been officially banned in the Phoenix Park 4 years ago

BBQs have been officially banned in the Phoenix Park

It only lasted for 8 years...

If you love a good BBQ, then you're going to have to reside to your home... or your mate's house, because having a barbeque in the Phoenix Park has officially been banned.


Visitors to the park have been able to bring along a BBQ since 2010, however too much fire damage and litter to the area means you'll be stopped if you decide to grill some burgers.

However, Green Party Councillor Ciaran Cuffe said that they should be working with people bringing BBQs and not against them.

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"I would acknowledge that there are some difficulties with tables being burnt with disposable barbeques, but I think we should work with those who barbeque".


"If you go to any other city around that world, parks have places to barbeque."

It seems the fire risk is just too much these days however, since a spokeswoman for the park said in 2010: "Up to now there had been a blanket ban because of fears of fires and health and safety issues.

"Due to the enormous pressure brought on by the current good weather and unprecedented numbers of people using the park, we are allowing disposable barbecues to be used near picnic tables."

"We do not allow barbecues on the tables or on grass. We are currently reviewing our policy on barbecues."


Oh well, we'll just enjoy our barbeques at home then.