Pizza and Drake: Tinder has a lot to say about 2018 4 years ago

Pizza and Drake: Tinder has a lot to say about 2018

Ah, Tinder.

You either love it or hate it.


Tinder, at best, can strike up a few potential suitors for you to go on a date with. It may or may not work out, but hey... it's what it's there for.

At worst, Tinder can give you dick pics and unsolicited 'advice' from guys who have next to no clue about women.

However, if you're still holding out hope that you will one day find some sound lad/gal on the app, then Tinder has given us a breakdown of times, dates, and days.

According to it's 2018 'Year in Swipe' review, Monday was the day to go on the app to get more matches, while between 6pm-9pm was the best time to get swiping.


This year, the month it was most used is August, which is understandable as summer swings to an end and the darker nights set in.

Meanwhile, the most popular food in people's bios was pizza, and the most popular musician was Drake, which again is understandable.

With In My Feelings taking the crown for the most popular anthem, it was certainly the song of the year. Friends also got in there as the most popular TV show in a person's bio.


The more you know.