This is the biggest home décor trend for spring 2018 according to Pinterest 3 years ago

This is the biggest home décor trend for spring 2018 according to Pinterest

Have you heard of pampas grass?

Because if not, you are about to. With searches up 500 percent in the past year, pampas grass is the latest interior trend bandwagon that everyone is jumping on and we love it.


Basically, pampas grass is the beautiful, whimsical plant that you see on Instagram, at weddings, in bouquets and in homes, adding that boho laid-back, dreamy vibe.

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The perfect touch to add to your home this spring to banish all signs of Christmas and welcome summer with open arms.

A quick search on the interest also shows that pampas grass is readily available to purchase in plenty of places. Like this arrangement below by Honey & Poppies.


Or this incredible pampas grass and rose display from Hello Darlington.

Another idea - Gardens4You (and many garden stores) sell Pampas Grass for prices starting at €4.50 and delivered directly to your door, giving you the space to then DIY and "jazz it up" the way you like. Sorted.

According to Pinterest, searches for "single palm leaf" have also increased, a trend which has been popular for the past year is still gaining attraction, with an increase of 136 percent this spring.


It looks like the "millennial shrub takeover" is certainly still on the rise as we see houses and spaces getting taken over by plants and tbh, we might even take a LEAF out of their books and join them. See what I did there? I'm so witty.