Here's how many lads admit to faking orgasms - and it's more than you'd think 2 years ago

Here's how many lads admit to faking orgasms - and it's more than you'd think

Would you be surprised to learn that your other half had faked it?

It's something that every woman has done at one stage or another - an orgasm just isn't going to happen and you want to spare your other half's pride - but we don't often think a guy would or even could fake it.


Still, it does happen.

In a new survey, 16.4 per cent of men admitted to pretending to have an orgasm.

This means that if you've slept with 25 lads, at least four of them are statistically faked it at some point.

The main reason they gave for faking it was to protect their partner's feelings, followed by the desire to end sex sooner.

Women are far more likely to fake it - 54.6 of female respondents said they'd done it.

Unsurprisingly, most people find the idea pretty hurtful.


Just under 80 per cent of women and 70 per cent of men said they'd be upset if they found out someone had pretended with them.

The survey, conducted by Superdrug, took a deep dive into the lies people tell in the bedroom.

It found that sexual fantasies are the number one thing that both men and women lie to their other half about.

Nearly 34 per cent of men and 35 per cent of women also reported having a hard time expressing their sexual needs.

Still, not everyone craves honesty from their sexual partner.


The lie that the 1,016 people surveyed most wanted to hear was about their appearance.