Binge watching TV shows could actually be killing us 2 years ago

Binge watching TV shows could actually be killing us

Will this make us stop though?

Probably not.

There's nothing better than being hungover on a Saturday and spending the entirety of that day wrapped in a blanket and binge watching a trash TV show on Netflix.

Or watching an amazing TV show on Netflix. Or watching any TV show on Netflix, really.

Well, living a healthy and fruitful long life might be slightly better but who can say for sure?

A new study conducted in Australia has shown that every extra hour we spend binge-watching TV can increase our chances of dying an inflammatory-related death by 12 percent.

That's a big jump, to be honest.

The study was published by the Heart and Diabetes Institute, and started its research way back 1999.

The viewing habits of 8,900 people were monitored, and then monitored again in 2011.

The study found that 909 of these people had died and that 130 of those had inflammatory related deaths.

Dr. Megan Grace said that those who watched more TV tended to share certain characteristics.

"Those who spent more time watching TV were older, less likely to have completed at least 12 years of education, had lower household income, were more likely to be current or ex-smokers, more likely to have diabetes or hypertension, and had a more adverse overall health profile.

High TV viewers also had a lower diet quality."

Inflammatory related deaths can be caused by diabetes, kidney related diseases, and Alzheimer's.