BOOK REVIEW: No Place To Hide By Susan Lewis 8 years ago

BOOK REVIEW: No Place To Hide By Susan Lewis

Three words: Read it now.

As a massive fan of Susan Lewis, I was looking forward to cracking open her latest book No Place To Hide and it certainly didn’t disappoint.


Lead character Justine Cantrell is carrying a devastating secret and it seems that a new name, new country and new life are what she needs in order to keep the memories – and indeed the truth – at bay.

However, her world is soon shattered once more and in typical Lewis fashion, the reader is kept gripped from the opening sentence.


At her best with this book, Susan Lewis never fails to get to the heart of her characters. The emotions and tragedy surrounding Justine force the reader to imagine a life lived in the shadows, a world full of moments lost and times gone by.


Haunted by the 'what ifs' and 'maybes', Justine is forced to re-evaluate her life and her own personal identity as wife, mother and woman.

Underpinned by the central themes of family, love and loyalty, No Place To Hide brings the reader on a journey with Justine and her daughter Lula that they are not going to forget in a hurry.

A thought-provoking and heart rendering story, No Place To Hide sweeps us through some startling revelations and force us to question the very nature of our society.

A must-read for any fan of Susan Lewis, and a definite buy for first-time readers.