Bride asks her guests to pay $150 to attend her wedding 7 months ago

Bride asks her guests to pay $150 to attend her wedding

Would you be well?

We all know weddings can be expensive, but it's worth paying for to have your dream day, right?


For most of us, yes, but for this one bride, she wasn't letting funds be an issue on her big day.

The anonymous bride has come under fire after asking her guests to pay a lump sum in order to attend her wedding.

Family, friends and loved ones are all being asked to fork out $150, around €132, to get a seat at the wedding and watch the couple get married.


Insisting that she and her partner aren't rich, they can't afford a lavish wedding but "both of us mainly me [...] deserve the wedding of our dreams."

The bride had originally posted her strict instructions for her wedding on the couple's wedding Facebook group, but it was later screenshotted and posted to the Reddit thread r/weddingshaming.

According to the lengthy post, "we are going to ask our guests to pay for their seat which it's looking like $150+ per head [sic]".

She then gave five very specific reasons to justify why she has come to this decision, including "[we're] not rich", "[we'd] prefer to spend money on improving our house as well as paying [it] off" and "spending more than $10,000 dollars we can not justify it on one day [sic]".


Rather than apologising for the inconvenience as you might assume, she instead tried to convince others to get on board with the, eh, controversial idea.

"I do hope our guests can understand and respect our reasons for doing our wedding like this", she said, clarifying that this was all new to her and she had never done this before.

"Plus we know so many people and want our friends and family to be there and enjoy this once in a lifetime event with us [sic]".


As you could imagine, Reddit users were not impressed at all by this, with one saying: "If you don't want to pay for an expensive wedding so you can spend money on your house, that's a good decision. Just don't have an expensive wedding."

"People gotta stop acting like they're doing you a favour by having a wedding. If you want a wedding and want to invite people, that's really your choice," said another.