Bride dislocates her leg during her first dance in viral clip 1 year ago

Bride dislocates her leg during her first dance in viral clip

Could you imagine?

Your wedding day is said to be the most memorable of your life, and for this bride, it was definitely a day she won't forget.


Obviously, there's a lot of excitement on the big day, but this one bride took her energy for the wedding a little bit too far and ended up in A&E rather than heading on her honeymoon.

Tiktok user Liz Richter shared the hilarious but very hard to watch at the same time, showing a clip from her brother's wedding as he and his new wife head to the dancefloor for their first dance.

Liz said: "Best day of their lives.


"Until the first dance."

Dancing like normal, it all does suddenly very wrong when the groom is gazing into her eyes and decided to bend her backwards during the dance.

And everyone who was watching immediately knew something went wrong when you can clearly hear her leg click.

Her bridesmaid rushes to help her and the bride limps off the dancefloor supported by her new husband.

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The Tiktok then shows the bride, still dressed in her stunning gown, heading off on a stretcher as she makes her way to the hospital.

This is when we find out she has actually dislocated her leg, but Liz reassures us that "she will be okay in 4-6 weeks."


The last part of this wild video then shows the bride in her huge cast as now she needs to recover from the undoubtedly traumatic event.

At least she'll have a good story to be telling for years to come.