Bride gets tattoo in dad's memory and then this happens at her wedding 4 years ago

Bride gets tattoo in dad's memory and then this happens at her wedding

Francesca Barnecutt married her husband Terry recently in Cornwall and it was a truly special day.

The 23-year-old had been very close to her father and after he passed away she decided to get a tattoo of his favourite butterfly, a red admiral, on her back.


Arriving at the church in St Columb Minor Church, Cornwall, Francesca was undoubtedly missing her father but something happened to show her that he was still there with her.

When she walked into the church grounds to marry her partner, Francesca felt her father was there beside her as she felt his "spirit".

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She said that when she was younger she and her dad would often walk through the grounds of the church where she later got married and they often met red admirals as they strolled.

It was fitting then that one of these butterflies made an appearance on one of the biggest days of her life, without her dad by her side.

Speaking to The Sun, the mother of one said:

"It was eerie. I visited my mum’s house two days before the wedding and there is a photo of my dad there.

"I was speaking about how strange it would if I saw a red admiral at my wedding and a beam of sunlight came through the window and fell on the photo of dad.

"I feel his spirit moved the butterfly to visit me at my wedding".


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